Thursday, 20 September 2018

Summer Memories II

In my last post I started to share my best summer memories with you. But there was so much fun and so many pictures to share so I'm continuing in this post, and I believe in a few after this as well.

Almost as soon as my hubbie got his vacation in July we jumped in the car and went for a week long roadtrip in Sweden. We visited Jönköping, Varberg, Smögen, we took a trip to Norway and visited Fredrikstad, after that we drove to Enköping and last to Sala where we visited the silver mine. I just love Sweden so much. One reason is that they speak my mother language there and another reason is because of how kind and sweet the Swedes are. They have amazing small shops and I love the nature in Sweden. We spent a whole week driving around visiting both familiar and new places. We've been on many roadtrips to Sweden, but this time we drove the longest distance yet: 1850 km.

I have to say, that of all the places we visited this roadtrip, Smögen was my absolute favorite. I've never seen a place like that before. It has a really long boardwalk by the sea with small shops and restaurants. Beautiful boats, a huge amount of cottages and amazing scenery. I love this place and I really need to visit it again!

To be continued...

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Summer Memories I

I hope you all have had a wonderful summer! I had an amazing time and the weather in Finland was awesome.

I love to do as much as possible in the summer, so the time we spent at home was limited. This also means I'm more inactive on social media during summer.

But now I'm back home and every day life kicked in again, which means I'll also try to be more active on my blog and on Instagram.

I wanted to share some of my favorite moments of this summer with you. But I noticed that I have so many great memories and beautiful pictures I want to share with you, so I'll have to do a couple of posts!

I visited so many beautiful places and spent time with my wonderful friends and family. This summer was filled with trips, parties, cottages, weddings, camping trips, swimming, boating, amazing food and a lot of other fun stuff!

At the beginning of summer I visited Hankoo with my mom and my aunt. I love this little seaside town! We did some interior and clothing shopping in their cute stores. We walked around, took pictures, went to a restaurant that had an amazing seaside buffé! We stayed all day and as you can see in the pictures the weather was  incredible!

We had so much fun in Hankoo that me and my mom decided to spend the next day visiting Tammisaari. Another beautiful little town by the sea. We did a lot of shopping and went to our favorite restaurant and our favorite café: Café Gamlastan.

To be continued...