Sunday, 18 November 2018

Oh my!!! I'm on a Korean reality show!!

You'll never guess what I did! Ok, I think the title might have given you a clue.. But let me start from the beginning! This Thursday I was asked to do a styling project for a home that was going to be on a South Korean TV show, featuring South Korean celebrities visiting different countries. I immediately thought this could be really fun, since I'm an Interior Decorator and love styling and decorating. Also the theme for this styling really made me excited since it was Finnish Christmas. Of course I said yes! I mean, who wouldn't! Right?

So far so good, nothing too weird.. But then the crazy stuff started to happen! The evening before the styling project, the homeowner called me and asked if it would be ok if they film me too.. Weeell... I'm actually kind of a shy person, that performs better behind the camera than in front of it.. but face your fears right? You only live once and that kind of stuff.. I guess why the heck not? I thought it wouldn't be such a biggie if they took some short takes here and there while I minded my business. But guess what! It turns out the whole house was rigged with cameras that would be on the whole time! And as soon as I arrived they put a clip microphone on me. Oh my! What did I get myself into? There were cameras in every corner of the house, and a filming crew of 24 people (I think), there was absolutely nowhere to hide! But I just kind of tried to forget about the cameras and did what I love the most, styling! I styled a Christmas table setting and sprinkled some Christmas feeling around the living room with some ornaments, candles and fir tree branches. The whole experience turned out really well. I'm still alive, I did not faint from overwhelm and actually had a pretty good time.. So that's that about my 15 minutes of fame now let me show you what I did on the set!

In the pictures you can see birch ornaments from Valona and handcrafted tableware from Tuias. These beautiful Finnish design products really came together in the table setting. I also want to give thanks to Valona for recommending me for the project.

I would be really happy if you would take a moment and let me know what you think about my styling and about the crazy day I had! I'm also really interested in what your answer would have been, if you would have gotten the same telephone call I did! Leave me a little comment below!

Sunday, 11 November 2018

BIG REVEAL - We Remodeled our Staircase!

I can now officially say that we finally are done with our staircase remodeling project! I can't express how satisfied I am with the result! It's much better than I ever could have imagined! I was so disgusted with our previous staircase situation, which consisted of carpet covered concrete stairs. The carpet was almost 40 year old and also a really disgusting color (see the before picture). I could not have lived with the whole carpet situation for much longer and I'm just so thrilled about our new staircase! I just get so happy every time I walk up or down the stairs. So fresh, so modern and best of all: so bright, even though we didn't change anything about the lighting. Have a look at the before and after picture:

Now we're just pondering whether to put in stair railings or leave it without. I think it gives the staircase a more clean look to not have the railings and we don't really need them right now.. What do you think? Railings or no railings?

I made the plans for our staircase, but guess what! My absolute favorite part is the railing upstairs. I came up with the design and the idea of using tile, but my hubbie came up with the amazing idea of not fastening the tiles in any way, this way we can mix it up and change tiles when we feel like it! Isn't that just the best idea ever! I just love it! And I ofcourse am now a proud owner of a whole pile of different tiles!

Let me now what you think about the result in the comments below!

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