Sunday, 11 November 2018

BIG REVEAL - We Remodeled our Staircase!

I can now officially say that we finally are done with our staircase remodeling project! I can't express how satisfied I am with the result! It's much better than I ever could have imagined! I was so disgusted with our previous staircase situation, which consisted of carpet covered concrete stairs. The carpet was almost 40 year old and also a really disgusting color (see the before picture). I could not have lived with the whole carpet situation for much longer and I'm just so thrilled about our new staircase! I just get so happy every time I walk up or down the stairs. So fresh, so modern and best of all: so bright, even though we didn't change anything about the lighting. Have a look at the before and after picture:

Now we're just pondering whether to put in stair railings or leave it without. I think it gives the staircase a more clean look to not have the railings and we don't really need them right now.. What do you think? Railings or no railings?

I made the plans for our staircase, but guess what! My absolute favorite part is the railing upstairs. I came up with the design and the idea of using tile, but my hubbie came up with the amazing idea of not fastening the tiles in any way, this way we can mix it up and change tiles when we feel like it! Isn't that just the best idea ever! I just love it! And I ofcourse am now a proud owner of a whole pile of different tiles!

Let me now what you think about the result in the comments below!

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