Monday, 19 February 2018

Who am I?

So you might want to know a little bit about who am I, what I do and why you should follow me.

Well my name is Camilla, I live in Helsinki, Finland, with my love Ben and our two cute little doggies. We have our slow life enjoying Cavalier called Ellie and our energetic Mittelspitz floofball called Molly.

My passion has always been interior design and a couple of years ago I decided to get a degree in it, and now I'm a decorator. I've always wanted to work with interior design and my absolute biggest dream is to one day open up my very own little interior shop.

I recently started an Instagram page, followed by a Facebook page and now this blog. All of these platforms give me a new outlet for my passion and creativity.

I hope you will enjoy my page and stay tuned for a lot of beautiful interior!

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Enjoy your day!

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